TWEAK'D BY NATURE | 2XL Dream Big! Volumizing Treatment Clay

Looking through all my posts, I've realized that I haven't done any hair product reviews so since I've recently picked up an interesting one I thought that it'll be a good idea to dedicate today's post to it. I'm not really a hair girl, so I don't particularly like making suggestions on what products to use or how to use it but I at least wanted to share my initial thoughts. The product that we'll be taking a close look at today is the Tweak'd by Nature 2XL Dream Big! Volumizing Treatment Clay. Enjoy!

Tweak'd by Nature 2XL Dream Big! Volumizing Treatment Clay is a unique cruelty-free hair treatment that can be used as an overnight pre-shampoo volumizing treatment, styling product as well as a dry shampoo. Made with clean ingredients like the white clay, wild honey, and Karaba oil; this treatment promises to add thickness and volume to any hair type as well as absorb impurities and oil from the hair and the scalp. The treatment comes housed in a round plastic container. The product itself is light beige in color, has a lightweight clay-to-liquid formula and a pleasant scent of almonds, honey as well as vanilla.

Before I go any further into this review, I have to take a moment to talk about my hair. The best way I can describe my hair is that I have long fine hair, a lot of it, and an oily scalp to go alone that's why I'm always on a lookout for products that'll not only help add volume to my hair but will also absorb unnecessary oil from my scalp. I've discovered the 2XL Dream Big! Volumizing Treatment Clay via an online video and, after reading up on the product, decided to give it a try in hopes that it'll work as well for me as it did for others. Since receiving the product, I've tried using it several times as both the overnight treatment as well as a styling product. I absolutely love how easily and quickly it turns from clay to liquid, the clean ingredients that were used to make it and the sweet yet mild smell of the product itself but was not impressed with the result. Although it did add some volume to my hair it also made my hair look and feel oily. At first, I thought that I might have used too much product so with each additional trial I used less and less but got the same results. As much as I want to love the 2XL Dream Big! treatment, I honestly can't see myself using it again simply because it was unable to provide me with the promised results.

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