FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH | Skin Nutrition Booster Kit

Recently, I was sent three products from Giuliana Rancic's clean skincare line Fountain of Truth, complimentary of Influenster, to test and review. I've already reviewed the cleanser and the eye cream so today we'll be taking a closer look at the last product that I received: Skin Nutrition Booster Kit.

Fountain of Truth Skin Nutrition Booster Kit - Skin Nutrition B: Hydrated

Fountain of Truth Skin Nutrition Booster Kit - Skin Nutrition B: Bright

Fountain of Truth Skin Nutrition Booster Kit - Skin Nutrition B: Calm

Fountain of Truth Skin Nutrition Booster Kit is a facial serum kit that allows you to customize your skincare routine based on your needs. The kit contains three travel-friendly serums that can be used individually or together depending on the needs of your skin. The Skin Nutrition B: Bright is a brightening serum. Made with Vitamin C, Magnesium and Licorice Root Extract; this serum promises to even out the complexion while providing you with a subtle glow. The Skin Nutrition B: Hydrated is a moisturizing serum. Made with Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin B5; this serum promises to plump the look of skin with hydration leaving you with smoother looking and feeling skin. Last but not lease, the Skin Nutrition B: Calm which is a calming serum. Made with niacinamide and zinc; this serum promises to soothe redness and calm the stressed-out skin.

The packaging of this set is very simple yet elegant. Each serum comes housed in a white plastic bottle with a rose gold lid, a dropper is included with each bottle for easier dispensing. Although these serums are free of synthetic fragrance, they do have a natural herbal scent to them. However, the scent is very light and does not linger once the product is applied. Texture-wise, these serums are super lightweight but feel slightly sticky when they're first applied. Luckily, the stickiness fades away once your skin absorbs the serum.

I've been using the Skin Nutrition Booster Kit diligently for about a month now and although I absolutely love the idea of this kit I wish I saw a bit more results. The only serum that worked for me is the Skin Nutrition B: Bright, it did add some brightness to my skin. I don't have sensitive skin nor did I experience any major skin issues during the time I was testing out this kit, so I was able to find out as to whether or not the Skin Nutrition B: Calm does anything irritated skin but the scent of this serum did help me distress and clear my mind. As for Skin Nutrition B: Hydrated, sadly, it did absolutely nothing for me. I will continue using this kit until all the serums have been used up and will post an update if there are any changes, but, as the way things up looking right now, I don't see me purchasing this product in the future.

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