HUDA BEAUTY | The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Happy Monday, beauty lovers! Today's we'll be taking a closer look at a game-changing palette, The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty.

Bare / Crave / Play / Fantasy / Love Bite / Spanked

Lace / Daydream / Tickle / Excite / Infatuated / Kinky

Concealer / Secret / Tease / Raw / Charmed / Teddy

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette is housed in a coated cardboard compact containing a full-length mirror on one side and 17 nude, pink and purple eyeshadows plus a concealer on the other. Out of the 17 eyeshadow shades featured in this palette, there are 10 mattes (Bare, Play, Love Bite, Spanked, Lace, Tickle, Secret, Tease, Raw, and Teddy), four reflective shades with a duo-chromatic finish (Crave, Fantasy, Daydream, and Charmed), two pressed glitters (Excite and Infatuated) and one pressed pearl (Kinky).

First things first, let's talk about the quality and the performance of the shades. Let's start with mattes since that covers the majority of the shades in this palette. The mattes all have a very smooth texture that builds and blends with absolute ease. They have a nice creamy formula and the overall decent color payoff (not "highly-pigmented" as described). Although some of the mattes in this palette are a bit chalky, I did not experience any major fallout issues when using them. The reflective shades are the prettiest shades in this palette but also the most difficult to work with. Although these shades have a super creamy texture, they can be a bit challenging to apply. Expect to see major glitter fallout when using these shades, no matter if you decided to apply these shades using a makeup brush or your fingers.

As mentioned above, the palette does also include two pressed glitters. When I first got my hand on this palette, I figured that these shades would have the most difficult to work with formula but to my surprise, they stuck to the skin fairly well without the need of glitter glue or primer. I did experience some fallout when using these shades but it was nothing like what I experience when using the reflective shades. As for the shade with a pressed pearl formula. This shade has a very soft almost buttery-like texture that is super easy to apply and to work with and an overall good color payoff. Lastly, the concealer. The concealer itself is pale beige in color. It has a very creamy texture and sheer coverage. I honestly didn't really care for the concealer feature in his palette and would have rather preferred that they included another eyeshadow shade instead.

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette is my very first palette from Huda Beauty and although this palette is is very pleasing to the eyes, sadly, it did not perform as well as I hoped it would. I absolutely love the packaging and the shade ranges of this palette but I am not pleased with the fact that the mattes, which were advertised to be "highly-pigmented", are only able to produce a decent color payoff.

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