NARS | Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek Palette

Packing your makeup bag just got a whole lot easier thanks to the NARS Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek Palette. All you need to add is your favorite foundation and mascara, and you're set to go!

Icon / Isolde II / Kink / Galapagos

Last Call / Unleashed

NARS Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek Palette is a limited edition Sephora exclusive palette. It's housed in a chic mirrored compact. Inside the compact, you'll find a full-length mirror on one side and six powder shades on the other (four eyeshadow shades, bronzer, and a highlighter).

For the eyes, this palette offered four neural warm-toned eyeshadow shades in a variety of finishes: metallic (Icon and Isolde), satin (Galapagos) and glitter/satin (Kink). For the most part, the shades featured in this palette all have an incredibly soft texture that is super easy to work with and an overall great color payoff. The only shade that posed a bit of a challenge was the shade Kink. The large chunks of gold glitter in this eyeshadow makes applying it a bit of a hassle and fallouts is the main reason behind that hassle. Other than Kink, the rest of the eyeshadows performed very well and lasted well over eight hours without showing any signs of fading or creasing with and without an eyeshadow primer.

As for the cheeks, the palette offers a peachy gold shimmery highlighter and a medium brown bronzer. The highlighter itself has a smooth lightweight texture and excellent pigmentation. It gives you a nice natural glow without emphasizing the pores and lasts a minimum of eight hours without fading. The bronzer, on the other hand, has a bit more of a stiff texture that makes applying and blending it a bit difficult. It has an overall dissent color payoff and also has a longevity of a minimum of eight hours.

I absolutely love this palette, and I knew that I would the moment I laid my eyes on it. Even though I've encountered a bit of a challenge with some of the shades, I am still pretty pleased with the performance of the palette overall.

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