HUDA Beauty | WARM BROWN Obsessions

Happy Wednesday, beauty lovers! I hope you guys are not getting sick of all the eyeshadow palette reviews I've been recently posting because today I am back with another one. Today's review is all about the newest release by Huda Beauty, Obsessions. Obsessions is a mini collection of four compact eyeshadow palettes: Warm Brown, Mauve, Smokey, and Electric. As a big fan of brown eyeshadow shades, I felt the need to try out and review the Warm Brown Obsessions eyeshadow palette first. So here it is...

Top row from left to right

Middle row from left to right

Bottom row from left to right

As the name suggests, Warm Brown Obsessions eyeshadow palette consists of a lot of brown, red and orange eyeshadow shades. The palette itself is housed in a small square compact case containing a mirror on one side and nine eyeshadow shades on the other. Out of the nine eyeshadow shades featured in the palette, eight have matte finish while the nineth shade have more of a shimmer finish. All the shades in this palette have a very soft texture with little to no fallouts making them super easy to use and to blend, and an overall discent color payoff. 

In my opion, Warm Brown Obsessions is an essentian eyeshadow palette that everyone needs to have! The reason why I say that is not only because of how convinietly compact the palette is or because it containg shades that are appropriate to wear on daily basis but also because of how easy the shades blend.

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